AURA NEON LIGHT TUBES / salonesatellite / 2017
Neon light tubes combined with metal tubes create the multi-angle reflexive lighting pattern through different angles to diffuse the lighting visual effect and bathe the space in the atmosphere. Whether used solely or overlapped, Aura presents various and unique life style. It is not only a decorative piece of furniture but also an atmosphere light. 
霓虹燈管結合金屬圓管,透過不同角度營造出多角反射的光線型態,擴散光感視覺,氛圍渲染空間。單獨使用或多組層疊, Aura呈現多樣又獨特的生活風格,是裝飾傢俱,也是情境燈飾。 
Materials : Graphene、Metal、Light Dimensions:L61cm x W15cm x H90cm / L67cm x W15cm x H67cm
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