Camino  /  USA  /  2018
salonesatellite 2014 -  Exhibition in USA, UK, German, Paris, Milano, Dubai, Tokyo, Shanghai, Taiwan. Seeing the moon from a wood window of a traditional Chinese house, designer ViiCHEN used wire mesh to re-create this blurred image of the moon. This work can be used as a lighting device or simply a decoration. “INTERLACED” can also be used as a decorative screen to divide the vision with an effect of mixed layers. With various arrangements, “INTERLACED” can create an atmosphere for its users to experience the magic of the light. 
在三合院的庭園中,透過木窗看見窗外的月亮,想將模糊又清楚的感覺呈現,利用WIRE MESH營造模糊光源的效果。作為燈光,它既能照明,也能當作情境裝飾;作為屏風,能將視覺作切割,透過構成疏密排列營造效果,讓使用者在室內也能一起透過 INTERLACED 感受光的微妙相互作用。 
Materials : Wrie Mesh, Metal, Wood Dimensions:L7.5cm x W8cm x H17cm , 500ml & 60ml  

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